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Are you on the Right Train?


Are you on the Right Train?

I came across this quote from Marianne Williamson today and it literally stopped me in my tracks!
Something I talk to people in my life about a lot, especially as of late, is this culture of achievement we live in. We are constantly comparing our accomplishments to other people’s and I think for many people, instead of using it as a gauge for how we want to be in the world and proof of what’s possible..we use it as a way to measure our own worth. While I believe that competition can be a good thing…it can also really screw with you.
Your sense of worth is a huge contributor, probably the most important, to your living a passionate life.
In order to create a positive, dare I say, empowering sense of self-worth it helps to be on the right be moving the direction of your soul’s journey. That’s where it gets hard. When we enter into the ring to compare our achievements, beauty, accomplishments, income etc.. with others, it’s so easy to leave a piece behind..namely, we can lose sight of OUR path and be so in the moment that we are fooled into thinking we’re all here for the same exact reason. (well, in my opinion the highest reason is LOVE, and since that’s all there is, that’s ultimately what we’re all here for. But, that’s another post! )

I decided quite some time ago that what I’m searching for is the experience of sheer JOY that comes from listening to my inner knowing and moving in the direction my soul wants me to go in. This is DAILY work. It takes a lot of fortitude, focus and courage to keep listening to your soul and riding the right train. Especially when many of the messages we receive outside of ourselves ask us to ‘keep up’ ‘be better’ ‘be worthy’ ‘make a lot of money’ ‘_____insert your negative self-talk here____’.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m just plain tired. But, I know that surrounding myself with better messages and even better, BETTER MESSENGERS is important.

For me this looks like:
*positive self-talk that I’ve actually written out and made a habit of saying. (yesterday, at an audition that was 2 letters on my left palm that I could look at right before I sang so I’d say the right things to myself before beginning..I’ll do anything! )

*Reading the kinds of books/magazines/articles that uplift me and feed me messages of hope and inspiration.

*Having friendships that nurture my soul and are fun, with people who believe in me, speak life over me and also challenge me to be my very best person.

*Keeping in touch with my amazing family.

*Spending quality time with my husband and children each day.

*Doing yoga and meditating each day.

*SINGING!! And teaching others how to access their amazing voices and spirits.

*Reiki- sharing loving energy with others to help facilitate deep and lasting healing.

YES, I like this list.. this looks like MY TRAIN!

So, this year I am getting on that TRAIN…the LOVE TRAIN..and I’d like to see you there with me. What do you say?




I LOVE this! I’m currently on a (sometimes very painful) journey to get good with this. I’m here for the reasons I’m here. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Truly.
This must be one of the hardest, and most needed-to re-learn lessons most of us go through. While reading a Neale Donald Walsch kids book today I was again reminded to shift my perspective from one of pain, or victim…to appreciating that those who are putting pain, or struggle, or JUDGEMENT in my way..are doing it because I asked for growth,
I asked for healing and I asked to be the BEST person I could be.

So, I have a choice to embrace that. To not turn victim but be grateful for the reminder to live MY purpose. I’m not going to lie…that’s a HUGE task. On days when I feel up for it..boy does the world seem fresh and exciting. On others days…not so much.
What about you?


What is my DIVINE purpose?


What is my DIVINE purpose?

I spend a lot of time contemplating this..sometimes to a fault. I mean, if my divine purpose is to contemplate my divine purpose than I’m actually doing really well…but I don’t think that’s it somehow.
I am in a place where I’m feeling the ‘if not now, then when’ clock tick. And, instead of worrying about my every move and if it sets me further on the right path, or in the opposite direction I figure it’s probably better to just keep moving forward and trust that what’s to unfold will do just that. Working on my faith in the grand unfolding…and more to come…



Here is our family Dream Board! So happy with the results. We all had a ton of fun cutting out pictures, talking about them and getting prepped. I DID have to drag everyone back to the table to actually place and glue but it was a totally fun and successful activity. Later, we’re going to hang it and then take turns sharing why we picked what we did.
I really can’t wait to experience all of this awesomeness this summer!
How about you? Get started yet?





What am I waiting for? I’m going to make my list TODAY…and I’m not going to call it my Bucket List. Not because I don’t want to acknowledge that I will someday kick the bucket..but because I don’t want to do these things, with that as my motivation. We’re here to experience, to love, to live with Passion. And, that’s just what I intend to continue doing-only, I’m going to start doing it better.
By better, I mean I’m working on committing to worrying less, beating myself up less and just generally stop being so serious. Seriously, no, I mean, truly-I want to:
1. laugh more
2. go to the beach and swim in the ocean instead of saying I don’t like sand in my suit..which I don’t, but still..
I’m working on it already! How about you?

What are you sowing??


I am having one of those weeks where I can’t seem to quiet my heart…and then, I stumble across this last night on FB. It’s such a favorite of mine, that it’s actually posted on the wall in my office! But, when you are struggling, it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you. This is grounding..and it reminds me to ‘Look up’ from what is holding me down and keep planting, and keep loving because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here to do!

Every tree, every growing thing as it grows,

says this truth:

You harvest what you sow.

With life a short as a half taken

breath, don’t plant anything but love.


~Right on!