I love this idea. So many times, and for too many people, a self-care ritual is an alien thought. Instead we relegate caring for our bodies and minds to the ‘if there’s time in my day/week/year’ pile. WRONG!

This kind of care is not self-care! It’s more appropriately called, abuse. How can you use your body, expect it to walk, eat, think, expend energy, birth babies (if you are so equipped) and carry on day in and out, without giving back to it on a regular basis. YOU CAN’T!

Here are some questions to consider and some ideas/resources to help assist you in some proper self-care and self-love! LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN? DEFINITELY!!

1. EXERCISE- don’t moan, it’s necessary and GOOD FOR YOU..body and soul. Have you figured out what you like to do? Believe it or not, there is a form of getting your butt in gear that is right for everyone. Commit to finding out what that is for you!
I am limited. I had my hip replaced (for the first of three times) when I was 23 years old. Not thrilling, definitely limiting. Though, it did free me from what had become a life of constant agony and walking with a cane-so freeing as well. I digress.
It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally landed on Yoga as my exercise. And, I LOVE IT! I know I’m doing something really good for me and it’s NECESSARY for my health, my mind, my soul and my relationships…yes, even those!

Ready to find your best exercise? Try these links!



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