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On Becoming a Master of the Pause…


I just watched my 10 year old race out the door in a panic. She didn’t even come back when I questioned whether she’d remembered to pack the homework she so diligently completed last night. She was in a ‘tizzy’ you might say. It’s something my husband and I have been watching develop and are trying to come up with strategies to help her with..this anxiety about being late, not doing her best..etc. In fact, before she ran out the door I held her close and reassured her that she was fine, that the worst case scenario would be that I drove her to school today.

After she left my little one said ‘I’ll go check her desk quick, Mom’. ‘Thanks buddy, but she has to learn this lesson’, I replied, feeling very wise.

Then…it hit me. And I mean, it HIT ME. And, I’m trying not to load a pile of crappy feelings on top of this enlightened moment I just experienced, but if you’re a parent, you know that’s easier said than done.

What hit me was this not-so-distant memory of yesterday morning, when we were running out the door, late, to 3 dentist appointments for the kids. I was flustered (I’m being nice to myself) because my 2 younger ones had not gone and put their shoes and coats on as I’d asked and had spent at least 15 minutes being kids and goofing off and giggling. In other words..being happy kids. Thus, the reason we were late. So I had a rare moment of lecturing them on ‘how much you get, and how little I ask’ nonsense that did nothing but help me blow off steam and annoy them. But, the lesson is there right? I was acting panicked because we were going to be LATE…so why should it surprise me that my daughter would interpret that to mean that you act panicked and anxious when you might be late for something.

Now I’m questioning myself about just how often I send mixed signals to my kids, and what might be at the root of it. Today, I think it might be that I am rarely in the moment. I am almost always thinking about something that happened or something that might happen and scripting scenarios for what I could have done differently, or what I might do should the situation arise. Now, I don’t think I own this problem. It’s pretty obvious if you walk through the personal growth section of the bookstore or watch Oprah’s network that we are all working hard at NOT being in the moment. But, I would like to have less of this problem. Not only because it would be good for my mental, spiritual and physical health. But, because it would be GREAT for my children, my husband and the other people I’m in relationship with.

So, I’m working today to start ‘mastering the pause’. Taking time in each moment to really BE in the moment. Pause before responding or reacting to things…and, I think most importantly for me; pausing before I play out those scenarios in my mind. What if..just what if I gave each moment it’s due attention? What if I gave other people, all the time, the benefit of the doubt before writing stories in my mind? What if I paused before responding to my kids..long enough to notice them BEING kids. How would my life change? What about you?……..



Are you on the Right Train?


Are you on the Right Train?

I came across this quote from Marianne Williamson today and it literally stopped me in my tracks!
Something I talk to people in my life about a lot, especially as of late, is this culture of achievement we live in. We are constantly comparing our accomplishments to other people’s and I think for many people, instead of using it as a gauge for how we want to be in the world and proof of what’s possible..we use it as a way to measure our own worth. While I believe that competition can be a good thing…it can also really screw with you.
Your sense of worth is a huge contributor, probably the most important, to your living a passionate life.
In order to create a positive, dare I say, empowering sense of self-worth it helps to be on the right be moving the direction of your soul’s journey. That’s where it gets hard. When we enter into the ring to compare our achievements, beauty, accomplishments, income etc.. with others, it’s so easy to leave a piece behind..namely, we can lose sight of OUR path and be so in the moment that we are fooled into thinking we’re all here for the same exact reason. (well, in my opinion the highest reason is LOVE, and since that’s all there is, that’s ultimately what we’re all here for. But, that’s another post! )

I decided quite some time ago that what I’m searching for is the experience of sheer JOY that comes from listening to my inner knowing and moving in the direction my soul wants me to go in. This is DAILY work. It takes a lot of fortitude, focus and courage to keep listening to your soul and riding the right train. Especially when many of the messages we receive outside of ourselves ask us to ‘keep up’ ‘be better’ ‘be worthy’ ‘make a lot of money’ ‘_____insert your negative self-talk here____’.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m just plain tired. But, I know that surrounding myself with better messages and even better, BETTER MESSENGERS is important.

For me this looks like:
*positive self-talk that I’ve actually written out and made a habit of saying. (yesterday, at an audition that was 2 letters on my left palm that I could look at right before I sang so I’d say the right things to myself before beginning..I’ll do anything! )

*Reading the kinds of books/magazines/articles that uplift me and feed me messages of hope and inspiration.

*Having friendships that nurture my soul and are fun, with people who believe in me, speak life over me and also challenge me to be my very best person.

*Keeping in touch with my amazing family.

*Spending quality time with my husband and children each day.

*Doing yoga and meditating each day.

*SINGING!! And teaching others how to access their amazing voices and spirits.

*Reiki- sharing loving energy with others to help facilitate deep and lasting healing.

YES, I like this list.. this looks like MY TRAIN!

So, this year I am getting on that TRAIN…the LOVE TRAIN..and I’d like to see you there with me. What do you say?