I LOVE this! I’m currently on a (sometimes very painful) journey to get good with this. I’m here for the reasons I’m here. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Truly.
This must be one of the hardest, and most needed-to re-learn lessons most of us go through. While reading a Neale Donald Walsch kids book today I was again reminded to shift my perspective from one of pain, or victim…to appreciating that those who are putting pain, or struggle, or JUDGEMENT in my way..are doing it because I asked for growth,
I asked for healing and I asked to be the BEST person I could be.

So, I have a choice to embrace that. To not turn victim but be grateful for the reminder to live MY purpose. I’m not going to lie…that’s a HUGE task. On days when I feel up for it..boy does the world seem fresh and exciting. On others days…not so much.
What about you?



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