Summer Dreaming…




We’re all about to jump headfirst into Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. I’m sitting at my desk at 9am and it’s already a good 65 degrees out today. It’s predicted to be 85 and humid in Philadelphia…so here we go! 
As I slathered my children with sunscreen this morning I started making a mental list of all the preparations we need to make for our summer plans.  Are you there too? In our house the discussions have already started. The other day my husband asked our 3 children what they wanted to put on the list for summer. I expected answers like; Disney World or France, Paris (a highly desired destination for my 6 year old)..but instead they said things like; sleep in a tent, visit our cousins, go to the ocean, eat lots of ice cream.
The simplicity of what they envision made me pause and really consider just how much pressure we sometimes put on ourselves to desperately fill summer up with every possible event, visit and adventure in order to take advantage of the months in our year when we have more freedom to travel (especially those of us with children in school ) or enjoy good weather (especially those of us in areas with all 4 seasons ). I know I am a big culprit of trying to do too much and then feeling badly when all of my grand plans don’t come to fruition.

              Does this sound familiar to you at all? If so, perhaps this will help. 

I don’t know about you, but I secretly still love to do arts and crafts. At this point in my life, I can get away with it because my 3 littles are still well, little. But I’ve decided that even after they are grown I will seek out reasons to use paste..and here’s a great way to get started!  

                                       CREATE A SUMMER DREAM BOARD

This is a GREAT exercise for anyone, but especially meaningful when we do it with our loved ones. Sometimes we don’t stop to work on our own visions..forget those of our spouse or children. A fun activity and a great way to really connect with our families, it also serves the  practical purspose of helping us make plans. And, what a great way to teach our children that goals come from dreams that are written down and voiced aloud!
We’ve all got extra magazines, newspapers etc.. lying around. Put them to use! Make a collage of just what you want the whole summer experience to be like for you and your family…and include everyone! I’ve got my craft time scheduled for tonight after dinner and I can’t wait to see what my husband and kids will pull out and paste on. Then, we hang it where we can all see it everyday and it’s a visual reminder of the focus we need to have in order to create the life experiences we want.
                             Dream it, Manifest it, Live it! Sound good?
Get those scissors and paste and create the summer of your dreams! 

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