Check out my horoscope today…passion, purpose? Is someone channeling me?


May 6, 2013
Professional Passion
Cancer Daily Horoscope

The hard work you have put into your professional life may make you feel respected in your field, and you could have a greater sense of confidence in yourself today as a result. Doing something that you care about may have led you to the point where you are right now. Maybe it is your passion that has inspired you to reach the heights that you have. Getting in touch with what motivates you today could be a way for you to stay interested in your profession by finding new avenues for growth that can help you sustain your momentum. Perhaps you can focus on your heart center and imagine that you are asking it what it really wants. The answer you hear could give you some ideas for cultivating your interests so that you utilize your capabilities and your heartfelt need to their fullest.

Aligning our passion with our purpose allows us to foster greater growth in our lives. When we have reached the point in our careers where we feel comfortable and capable, it can be easy for us to simply become content with the way things are. Unless we consciously give ourselves challenges, however, we can become complacent and our work can stagnate. Coming back to what energizes us and feeds our soul help us continue to expand our work and develop new ideas and competencies. By getting in touch with the things that motivate you today you will enhance your professional life immensely. 


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